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Audiovisual production of all kinds is currently growing fast and in parallel with the growing number of people with difficulties in understanding oral texts, paticularly in the West, as a consequence of the fast ageing process and of immigration.

Moreover, large public spaces like airports, big shopping centres, sports facilities and conference buildings, among many others, do provide audiovisual live services of programmes and events to all kinds of users in spaces where a high sound level might not be a good solution. In such instances, live subtitling of the visual material is the answer.

Project impact


Accessible Filmmaking

P. Romero-Fresco. “Accessible Filmmaking”, keynote guest talk at the AbilityNet Conference, 17-11-23, London. More information …

Access as Transformation

P. Romero-Fresco. “Access as Transformation”, presentation at the Languages and the Media Conference, 8-11-22. More information …

New forms of accessibility

P. Romero-Fresco. Presentation on “New forms of accessibility” at Centro Cultural San Martí, Buenos Aires, for WICIP project (Women Italian…

Expert Course in Speech-to-Text Interpreting (English-Spanish)

Speech-To-Text Simultaneous Interpreting is a novel interpreting modality sitting on the threshold between subtitling and traditional SI (speech-to-speech), the main purpose of which is to provide accessible translation services for people with some kinds of sensorial impairment.

Until recently it was done principally in the intralingual mode (for example from English into English), thus providing access to TV broadcasts and live events of all kinds to hard-of-hearing and deaf audiences through live subtitling in the same language.

In order to fine-tune the skill by responding to the specificities, constraints and demands -as well as to the new training requirements stemming from them- and provide access to live TV broadcasts and events from one language into a different language (i.e. interlingually), the development of a new set of skills is required, thus leading to the new academic speciality within the framework of translation studies called Speech-to-Text Interpreting.

Course dates

23/01/2023 to 19/05/2023


On-line. Asynchronous

ECTS credits

20.0 ECTS